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Enhanced seating solutions: Evolving from NOCO seat to HAVD seat - Uncompromising quality

The seats produced by HAVD Group originated from NOCO, which we acquired in 2018. As the current owners, we continue to develop high-quality seats independently and in collaboration with our customers, aiming to deliver top-notch products to the market. An example of our collaborative efforts is the development of boat seats with one of our customers.

Our seat lineup primarily consists of M1 classified seats, although we also offer M2 approved seats. These seats find applications in various sectors such as transportation services, ambulances, boats, and prototype vehicles. Our commitment to delivering quality is evident in the classification of our seats, which serves as a testament to their
excellence. We continually strive to enhance our offerings to meet customer demands.

With our expertise in upholstery, we enhance bus and train interiors by skillfully cut and sew new upholstery. This not only ensures greater durability for the vehicles but also revitalizes worn-out spaces, creating a fresh and stylish ambiance that enhances the overall passenger experience. Our exceptional craftsmanship guarantees quality and longevity for the upholstery, contributing to a more comfortable and visually appealing journey.

To ensure complete control over the manufacturing process, we produce the foam in-house at our PUR production facility in Dals-Ed, Sweden. In our Hungarian production site, we handle the cutting, sewing, and assembly of the upholstery, resulting in a complete seat. By working closely across all our locations, we remain responsive to
market demands and continue to develop our products accordingly.

Our standard seats come with optional features like armrests, incliners, side handles, isofix compatibility, and back support. The textile upholstery can be ordered in its original form or customized based on customer preferences. Thanks to our strong partnerships with textile suppliers, we can offer a wide selection of textiles, ensuring diverse choices for our customers.

Through our dedication to continuous development and collaboration, HAVD Group remains committed to delivering exceptional seats thatmeet the highest quality standards and cater to the evolving needs of the market.