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Truck Interior Design

Truckers prioritize the quality, design, and user-friendliness of their vehicle’s interior. Our “Black Interior” project, launched in 2019, enhances truck interiors with premium black leather components. Upgraded elements include seats, door panels, instep handles, and the dashboard.

Through our specialized technique, using heat-activated glue and thinned leather, we ensure durability and improved heat management. Meticulous stitching with color-matching thread adds to the refined appearance. Leather offers practical benefits like easy cleaning and extended lifespan. With a collaborative process and skilled seamstresses, we take pride in transforming truck interiors into comfortable, stylish spaces that meet truckers’ needs.

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our business - Design & development

Concept Design

Located in Mölndal, Sweden, our concept center combines skilled team of engineers to seamlessly integrate design and development into our processes. Collaborating closely with clients, we create custom solutions that exceed expectations.

Notably, we designed and developed interior systems for an autonomous passenger car, including futuristic HAVD seats. Utilizing advanced vacuum forming and in-house capabilities, we optimize every aspect of the process.

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OUR BUSINESS - nvh systems

NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Located in Dals-Ed, Sweden, our polyurethane facility specializes ininjection molded foams, emphasizing performance and NVH control. With an 11,000 sqm facility and seven production lines, we meet high-volume demands, producing over 3.8 million foam details annually.

Our advanced NVH technology effectively reduces noise, vibrations and harshness, meeting the demand for quiet and smooth electric vehicle experiences. The process involves meticulous development, precise blending, thorough curing, and rigorous quality checks, ensuring that our advanced injection molding techniques deliver foam products of exceptional standards.

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OUR BUSINESS - Accessories

Sustainable Accessories

With expertise in complete systems and industry-specific accessories, we seamlessly integrate custom parts into our customers’ products. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in several products, including recycled plastic flower boxes and leather instep handles for trucks. We provide aftermarket upholstery options for truck seats, promoting sustainable choices.

Additionally, we offer sun visors, sunshades, and cushions for passenger cars. From prototypes to series production, our high-quality, tailor-made solutions prioritize sustainability and precision, guiding customers towards a greener future.

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our business - seating systems

Premium NOCO Seats

HAVD Group, owner of previous NOCO seats since 2018, specializes in high-quality seating solutions. We develop M1 classified and M2 approved seats for diverse industries, including transportation, marine and other sectors.

With customizable features like armrests and back support, our seats can be upholstered in customer-selected textiles. With in-house foam production and close coordination among our facilities, we ensure top-notch quality and responsiveness to market demands. Committed to continuous improvement and customer collaboration, HAVD Group delivers exceptional seating solutions for a range of applications.

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OUR BUSINESS - seating systems

Office Chair

With expertise in the furniture industry, we produce high-quality molded polyurethane foam. Our delivery options include standalone foam components, attachments to plastic carriers, and dressing with recycled textile, non-woven fabric, leather, or custom materials. With over 40 years of experience, our Dals-Ed facility excels in molded polyurethane foam production.

Collaboration is key as we work closely with customers to find the best solutions. Our specialty lies in molding foam with precise hardness and density. Sustainability is paramount, and our foams offer durability and can be easily revitalized with new upholstery, promoting reuse. Choose our molded foam for comfortable, sustainable furniture options.

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our business - seating systems

Motorcycle Saddle

In collaboration with our customer, we have crafted a durable motorcycle saddle with stylish leather upholstery, offering various appearances to suit individual preferences. Skilled professionals at HAVD Group in Sweden and Hungary manufacture the saddle’s three main components: plastic carrier, polyurethane foam, and leather upholstery.

Our advanced techniques and materials ensure exceptional water resistance, enhancing rider comfort and preserving the seat’s quality. With efficient logistics and quality checks, we deliver these superior seats promptly to our customers.

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