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High-quality molded polyurethane foam solutions for sustainable furniture excellence

Another industry we excel in producing high-quality details for is the furniture industry. Our expertise extends to the production of polyurethane foam. We offer a range of options for delivering these details: they can be provided as standalone foam components, attached to a plastic carrier, and/or dressed with recycled textile, non-woven fabric, leather, or any material chosen by our customers.

With over 40 years of experience, our production facility in Dals-Ed has been at the forefront of delivering molded polyurethane foam. Since 2009, the production is a proud part of the HAVD Group. Regardless of the industry our foam is intended for, we always prioritize collaboration with our clients, working closely together to find the best solution for each unique project.

One of our notable capabilities lies in molding ergonomic foam. Through meticulous development and the perfect recipe of polyurethane, we can mold foam that conforms precisely to ergonomic standards.

By engaging in proactive discussions with our customers, we ascertain the ideal level of hardness and density required to create foam that delivers unparalleled comfort and support for end-users. Employing the correct mixing ratio between polyol, isocyanate and other additives, we achieve the precise hardness and density required for the intended purpose.

At HAVD Group, we recognize that it’s not just ergonomics that matter; sustainability is also a key consideration. In line with our commitment to environmentally conscious practices, we develop foams of the highest quality, renowned for their exceptional durability and longevity. Even as the surface material may wear over time, our foam can be easily revitalized through the application of a new upholstery, enabling the chair to be reused and reducing waste.

By choosing our polyurethane foam solutions, furniture manufacturers can ensure both comfort and sustainability, providing their customers with long-lasting, eco-friendly seating options. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we are ready to support our clients in creating furniture that surpasses expectations in every way.