NVH(Noise, vibration, and harshness)

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Precision injection molded foams: Enhancing performance and NHV considerations

At our polyurethane fabric in Dals-Ed, Sweden, we specialize in the production of injection molded foams, addressing both performance and NVH considerations. With our extensive facility spanning 11,000 square meters, we boast one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturing facilities. Equipped with seven production lines, we possess a significant capacity for high-volume serial production, enabling us to manufacture over 3,800,000 smaller foam details annually.

The significant increase of vehicles powered by electricity instead of internal combustion engines has led to higher demands in a quieter and smoother driving experience compared to traditional cars. NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) refers to the level of noise, vibration, and discomfort felt by passengers, which electric cars often excel at reducing due to their design and drivetrain technology. With our NVH technology, we are able to effectively dampen the unwanted noise, minimize vibrations, and reduce harshness levels in our electric vehicles.

Each foam detail undergoes development in our prototype area before series production. Customers work with our engineers to determine the ideal foam composition based on factors like hardness, density, and NVH requirements.

After finalizing the formulation and design, the process moves to series production. The polyurethane blending combines polyol, isocyanate, and additives to create a custom formula. This blend is poured into tempered molds using automated robots for accuracy and efficiency. The molds are then closed and transported to the curing area where the polyurethane expands, hardens, and takes its final form. To maintain integrity, each detail undergoes a cell crushing process to ensure shape and prevent collapse.

Quality checks are performed at every step of production. Damaged items are evaluated for repair. Before packaging, a final quality check is conducted, and skilled operators mark each detail with their personal stamp, symbolizing our commitment to excellence.

With our advanced injection molded polyurethane process, attention to NVH considerations, and stringent quality control measures, we deliver foam details of unparalleled standards. Renowned for our dedication to quality and precision, we have established a strong reputation in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your specific foam requirements, and witness how our expertise can bring your vision to life.