our business - seating systems

When the whole manufacturing circle comes together, our competence expresses it selves in the product.

In a collaborative effort, we have manufactured a motorcycle saddle designed by one of our customers, that combines durability, timeless design, and driver comfort for outdoor weather conditions. The seat’s leather upholstery is available in various appearances, including both genuine and vegan options, catering to the preferences of the driver.

The saddle consists of three main components: a plastic carrier, polyurethane foam, and leather upholstery. Skilled professionals at HAVD Group in Sweden and Hungary handle the production and assembly of these components.

To ensure long-lasting water resistance, we employ advanced techniques and materials, creating a robust protective barrier against moisture. This not only enhances comfort for riders but also helps preserve the seat’s quality and appearance over time.

The plastic carrier, manufactured in Mölndal, Sweden, undergoes a vacuum forming process, shaping the heated plastic sheet and raw material using vacuum technology. The foam production takes place in Dals-Ed, Sweden. The mold is filled with the appropriate blend of isocyanate and polyol, and the foam is cured in a dedicated area to achieve the desired shape.

In Nagyvázsony, Hungary, our interior production facility employs CNC cutting machines to precisely cut the leather upholstery, optimizing efficiency. Once the upholstery is sewn, the product undergoes mounting and final quality checks before delivery.

To facilitate efficient logistics between the production sites, we operate a dedicated HAVD truck that travels between Hungary and Sweden on a weekly basis, ensuring streamlined operations and timely deliveries.