On paper we are a specialized sub-contractor of special components mainly for automotive and industry sectors.

About us

In reality, we have been problem-solvers since 1988, giving people an easier and better experience in their vehicles. We are a flexible and dynamic organisation, giving us the capacity to deliver complete solutions for all types of projects. The width and depth of our competence enables us to develop, design and produce exactly according to your specifications, whether on a one-off or continuous production.

Our specialized technical competence, using a modern approach together with traditional craftmanship turns ideas into reality. Every project is tailor-made. The only thing we re-use is our experience, craftmanship and our incessant curiosity.


Our head office is located at Kryptongatan 7 in Molndal.

Head Office

At this location we have centralized our administrative operation and gathered our competence under one roof. We make our products on-site in our Concept Center or in our production facilities. Everything is designed to make your project smooth-running, sustainable and profitable.