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Seamless integration: Sustainable solutions and customer unique accessories for enhanced products

In addition to our business areas for complete system, we possess extensive expertise in manufacturing industry-specific accessory or optional parts that integrate seamlessly into our customers’ products. With precision, knowledge, and a sense of sustainability, we develop and produce unique products that benefit the end consumers.

We actively support a greener future and encourage environmentally responsible practices. Our commitment extends across the value chain, incorporating sustainable raw materials. For instance, we produce vacuum-formed flower boxes using recycled plastics. From the initial design phase, we prioritize sustainability to minimize waste and streamline production, ensuring a seamless process from start to assembly. Together, we are forging a path towards a more eco-friendly and efficient approach.

Inside of the truck, we manufacture leather dressed, hand-sewn instep handles. These handles undergo a process where heat-activated glue is applied, followed by the placement of leather on top. The leather is cut and sewn, first without thread, allowing our experienced seamstresses to guide the sewing process by hand onto the handles. After entering a heating area, the glue is activated.

Additionally, we offer aftermarket upholstery for truck seats in various materials such as textile, vinyl, leather, or customer-specified fabric. We strive to influence customers to make more sustainable choices, prioritizing their environmental impact.

We also offer dressed sun visors for passenger cars, sunshades for panoramic roofs, and various types of cushions for the passenger comfort inside of the vehicle. We incorporate our foam production expertise to find suitable foam, including memory foam for high-end products.

When it comes to prototypes, we understand our customers importance of making a lasting impression on stakeholders. That’s why we ensure the delivery of high-quality products. During the prototype phase, we design for series production, streamlining the process from concept to serial production. Our expertise lies in cutting and sewing in leather, vinyl, or other materials, as well as producing vacuum-formed plastic panels that can be customized and we produce high-quality polyurethane foam, all inhouse at HAVD Group