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Through our guidance and know-how we deliver tailormade products on demand, often as a complete system-solution in the range from prototype to serial productions.

Our target partners operate in the industry where our competence is part of their product, but our origin comes from the automotive industry.

Business areas

From idea to finished product

Interior Systems

For the inside of a vehicle, we produce several different components. The items can be dressed panels, vacuum formed panels, upholstery, leather dressed instep handles and many other interior detail that adds the extra value to the product.

Our production manufactures, not only within the automotive industry, but where our techniques adds value. Many plastic items can be vacuum formed and milled

  • Vacuum Forming
  • Membrane vacuum press
  • CNC Milling

Seating Systems

Our polyurethane production invites to a wide scope of products within many industries. The molded PUR-foam can be dressed in several materials depending on the market demand.

Examples of products can be, seats for a passenger car, truck, boat, transportation service or furniture such as an office chair and other.

  • Moulded PUR Foam
  • Complete seats
  • Foam attached to a plastic carrier

NVH Systems

Our products encapsulates the noise from vibrations and prevents disturbing noise in surrounding areas. With the electrification of vehicles, comes a higher demand of dampening the noise from other parts, previous unknown due to the high engine noise, but now revealed.

Noise Vibration and Harshness is a study and analysis of the noise and vibrations characteristics, initially within the automotive industry. Although, the technique, is applicable in many industries.

  • Integral foam
  • Engine cover with laser perforation
  • Sound absorbers


Our systems provide with joint solutions. Outside of these business areas, we also accommodate accessories as an option. We offer a wide scope of accessories in different materials. From design and development to prototypes and series production.

The business area contains items for aftermarket, e.g. covers for trucks or neck-cushions. It can also be optional items like leather dressed parts like grab handle or sunvisor.

  • Cut & Sew
  • Exterior panels
  • Production equipment

Our misson

We materialize our partners most amazing ideas and guide them through the journey of creation and manufacturing, towards the moment when they actually can put their hands on the dream.

Concept Center

Design and Development

At HAVD Group, we excel in providing end-to-end solutions, initiating projects right from the development stage. Our headquarters in Mölndal, Sweden, houses our Concept Center with our skilled design engineers. Each production facility incorporates a dedicated area for design and development, to seamlessly integrate creativity, experience, and problem-solving. This synergy enables us to deliver valuable solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders in the process.

Our extensive know-how allows us to efficiently transform our partners’ ideas into tangible results, utilizing detailed drawings and models. We also focus on optimizing production methods to ensure costeffectiveness and practicality.

To streamline the development phase, we are utilizing our in-house resources and have the capability to produce prototype tools, significantly reducing lead times. Typically, we construct these tools by bonding ureol blocks together and shape them using our CNC milling machine. This versatile machine also enables us to mill foam, eliminating the need for initial tooling in the early stages of a project.

Reverse engineering is another area of expertise we possess in-house. In cases where customers have a physical product but lack detailed models, we employ our 3D-scanning technology to capture the product’s dimensions and characteristics. This data is then transformed into accurate 3D models and/or 2D drawings, allowing us to recreate prototypes or manufacture components based on the customer’s specifications.

We also embrace the ever-evolving field of material technologies, recognizing the growing demand for sustainable solutions. Throughout our projects, we actively seek opportunities to improve sustainability, exploring innovative surface materials and their applications. For example, we offer antimicrobial plastics that inhibit bacterial growth, making them ideal for vacuum-formed details in public areas.

Whether it’s creating a single prototype or delivering on a larger scale, our expertise and resources enable us to meet the demands of our clients effectively.

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Complete Seats

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Concept Center

Our vision

To be a true, capable, aware and nimble part of a prosperous world.

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